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Beautiful Island In Lombok -

A deserted dream beach with white sand, with open people, and far fewer tourists than on the neighboring island of Bali. Lombok is an island paradise and yet overcrowded. The island is home to around 2.5 million inhabitants, but Lombok is less well known than Bali, for example, and allows for authentic encounters with its predominantly Muslim population In Lombok you will get to know the culture, nature and the original people and of course will have an unforgettable experience. Interesting facts about volcanic islands Lombok is one of the Lesser Sundan Islands in Indonesia and with an area of ​​4,725 square kilometers and a population of around 2.5 million people, is often referred to as Bali's little sister. Rinjani, the second highest mountain in all of Indonesia, is located on a volcanic island with a height of 3,726 meters.

Lombok's beautiful volcano has a crater lake at the summit and is the source of many rivers. Overall, Lombok lives far less on tourism than on Bali, the island's economy is largely determined by agriculture and mining. Gold mining in particular plays a major role in Lombok , some gold is also mined here in open pit mining. These rather pristine conditions mean you will gain a very authentic insight into the living conditions and culture of the people on the volcanic island. Untouched landscapes await you as well as unforgettable encounters with the mostly Muslim Lombok community. This makes Lombok a special highlight of any trip to Indonesia. The most beautiful tourist attractions in Lombok Among the most beautiful sights on the island are the beaches, along with the whole beautiful backdrop. Enjoying the beaches in Lombok is relaxing and a very special experience, with fine sandy beaches in the south of the island and small islands off the coast that add to the beautiful scenery. Besides the natural scenery, the culture of the people is also very interesting, because of the authentic insight into a completely different cultural area. Sasak people's life For the Sasaks, the mighty Rinjani volcano is the abode of the gods and is therefore referred to as the holiest place on the entire island. In the Sasak village at the foot of the volcano, you will gain a unique insight into a completely different cultural area. In the north of Lombok, you will find Sasak culture with its exotic traditions, traditional house construction and local craftsmanship. A visit to this ethnic group in Lombok allows you to immerse yourself in Indonesian culture and provides a very special insight into local life. The oldest mosque on the island The population in Lombok is predominantly Muslim - in contrast to Bali, where Hinduism is very important. Bayan Beleq Mosque which is the oldest mosque, therefore if you visit Lombok you should not miss it. This majestic and impressive building is located in Bayan. Dream beach in Sekotong The fine white sandy beaches in Lombok are extraordinary, therefore, when visiting Lombok, don't miss out on enjoying the beauty of this beach. The waters off the coast of Sekotong on the island's west coast are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. For tourists who love the island, if you want to see more of its beauty, you have to travel by boat to see the islands off the coast. The little Gili Islands in particular are something very special and reveal crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and moments of peace and away from the crowds.

Tropical island with rainy and dry periods The volcanic island of Lombok is a neighboring island of Bali and is located in a tropical climate zone. The average annual temperature is around 30 to 33 degrees with little fluctuation throughout the year. The average annual temperature in Lombok is 31 degrees, from June to September. At night the tropical temperatures and rainfall values ​​are not too extreme, making Lombok an extraordinary tourist destination with heavenly beaches all year round. The dry season in Lombok lasts from June to October, the rainy season is generally from October to May.
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