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Gunung Kawi

Gunung Kawi Beautiful royal tomb The majestic Gunung Kawi royal tomb is located near the town of Ubud in the south of Bali in a beautiful valley, which enchants with its special scenic beauty. In the tomb of Gunung Kawi from the 11th century. 

Visit Gunung Kawi up close and take in the scenic beauty on the way to the famous royal tombs near Ubud, via the enchanting stone steps. Around Gunung Kawi there are many other interesting things, such as the holy springs of Tirta Empul Temple and the enchanting artist town of Ubud. 

The story of Mount Kawi Gunung Kawi was rediscovered in 1920 and had previously been forgotten in a green valley. There are a total of 9 stone niches in Gunung Kawi, which are more than 7 meters high and are thought to date back to the 11th century. According to some information, this is the royal tomb of Udayana at the time, who ruled in the 10th century. However, not much is known about the origin of this complex regarding the history of this tomb. Visiting the royal tomb While visiting Bali, you should not miss the royal tomb of Gunung Kawi. To get to Gunung Kawi, you have to go through a long staircase that cuts straight into the rock and includes about 300 steps. 

The scenery of the surrounding area is also very beautiful, because the scenery around Mount Kawi consists of beautiful rice fields and a very fertile and tropical landscape. After the canyon you will reach the green valley where Gunung Kawi is located. 

The tomb itself is carved out of rock and dates to the 11th century, an early period of Balinese history. Visiting Gunung Kawi is not only an unforgettable experience in terms of scenery, but also in terms of history and art, the royal tombs invite you to visit with their figures beautifully carved in stone. A total of 9 recesses are cut into the stone wall, which can be seen and which gives a lot of sensitivity. Apart from these impressive figures of Gunung Kawi, the tomb also consists of a Hindu temple and various meditation niches, which believers still visit today. a visit to Gunung Kawi is definitely one of the highlights of a Bali tour and is not only of spiritual interest but also of historical value.

The area around Mount Kawi Ubud city Only 18 kilometers from Gunung Kawi with many temples, palaces and Balinese dances are often performed. Traditional Balinese dances are always interesting to visit. A visit to the Tirta Empul Temple springs, highly recommended. Its spiritual significance is also very great and the cleansing ceremony at this site is also an unforgettable experience that you should not miss. The area around Gunung Kawi is a highly varied tourist destination in southern Bali, a unique spiritual and scenic spot, so you can combine a visit to Gunung Kawi with a trip to Ubud or a spring temple.
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