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Mount Bromo - the most active volcano in Java -

gunung bromo

Mount Bromo the most active volcano in Java - With a height of 2,329 meters, towering majestically in the east of the island of Java, Indonesia. The unspoiled atmosphere of Bromo Tegger Semeru National Park is impressive and the magnificent views of the Bromo and Semeru volcanoes. 

Once again a puff of smoke rises from Bromo, which occasionally shows volcanic activity and is impressed by its beautiful conical shape. Highlights of a stay at the volcano are the sunrise views and the hike to the crater rim leads through a unique landscape that brings special magic to all guests. Learn about Bromo's activities and the stories that have been circulating for years about the volcano, which have always been of great importance to local people's beliefs.

Mount Bromo 

Bromo is one of the most active volcanoes in Java and is also considered to be the youngest opening in the Tengger volcano massif in the national park. Bromo's last eruption occurred on June 8, 2004. Almost every day, a plume of smoke rises from Bromo or from the volcanoes around it. 
Just behind Bromo you can see the beauty of Mount Semeru, another active and impressive volcano in the region. When visiting the national parks around Mount Bromo, you should plan time to see the beautiful sunrise. Sunrise at Mount Bromo The sunrise with red fireballs at Bromo is always an extraordinary moment and a very special atmosphere, plus the mountain views are also very beautiful. 

You can hike to Bromo's active crater area on foot or rent a horse. While visiting Bromo, you can enjoy unforgettable views, impressive crater views that clearly show the beauty of nature. Enjoying the sunrise at Bromo is one of the most beautiful moments. Bromo's legendary volcano For several hundred years there have been legends about Mount Bromo, some historical stories which may be based on real events. It is said that the story begins with a princess and her husband who together founded a new kingdom in Java towards the end of the 15th century. 

The princess by the name of Roro Anteng founded the Tengger Kingdom with her husband Joko Seger, a derivative of their two family names. Over the years the new kingdom prospered remarkably, but one fact clouded the happiness of the ruling couple. Despite their best efforts, they remained childless. To finally fulfill their coveted wish to have children, the two of them climb Mount Bromo and invoke the help of the gods from there. 

According to legend, the gods at Bromo heard a desperate couple and promised help. However, this help comes at a great price. The couple must promise to sacrifice their last child to the gods on Mount Bromo. Over the years the couple eventually had many children, but according to the agreement the last child had to be sacrificed. The Origin of the Sacrificial Festival at Bromo Finally Roro and Joko had 24 children and 25 were born. The last child, named Kesuma, was supposed to be sacrificed to the gods at Bromo, but the mother, Roro Anteng, refused to complete this deed. 

The gods felt they had been betrayed and threatened by fire and brimstone and the mighty eruption of Bromo.
After that, Roro Anteng sacrificed his last child, Kesuma, to the gods at Bromo. According to legend, the child who was sacrificed then told his parents that a sacrificial festival would be held at Bromo every year. Since then, a festival called Kassada has been celebrated every year at Bromo. It is still celebrated today to appease the ruling gods and to prevent volcanic eruptions, according to local beliefs.

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