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Padang bai beach -

padang bai

Padang bai Beach 

Padang bai offers beautiful views of the beach, fishing boats and traditional Balinese life. Padangbai is a beautiful fishing village located in the southern part of the island. In Padangbai you can enjoy crossing to the neighboring island of Lombok. 

The traditional fishing boats are colorfully painted with various pictures and there are several Hindu temples, which perfectly match the Padangbai backdrop. Interesting facts about Padangbai In fact, Padangbai is just a small fishing village with about 2,000 inhabitants in the east of Bali. However the place has become significant because of the ferry traffic to Lombok and is currently experiencing an increase, apart from traders and Lombok residents, some tourists also come to Padangbai. 

Padangbai is famous for its beautiful beaches so the fishing village is popular not only for fishing, but also for diving and snorkeling. Moreover, snorkeling in the clear water with colors, so Padangbai becomes an interesting place to visit. 

While staying in Padangbai, don't miss the detour to the blue lagoon and white sandy beach. The very calm waters of the bay offer ideal conditions for swimming and snorkeling, the bay near Padangbai is also ideal for beginners to explore the underwater world. 

The white sandy beach is near a small fishing village, which is perfect for relaxing and taking a walk enjoying the waves. In addition to the blue lagoon, the white beach with the South Sea atmosphere is also worth visiting. 

This black beach which stretches for about 12 kilometers is very quiet. It's not uncommon to see dolphins here if you must visit this beautiful beach near Padangbai. 

Due to the ferry traffic to Lombok, there is always a hustle and bustle in Padangbai, this makes the place seem much bigger than it really is. Apart from the beach life, the colorful and traditionally built fishing boats make for a very interesting sight. 

The majority of the population in Padangbai is almost 85 percent Hindu, the rest is Muslim, there is also a mosque located on the pier. In Padangbai there are also two interesting Hindu temples, one of which is the oldest temple in all of Bali. 
Tropical temperatures in Padangbai The small town of Padangbai is located in the east of Bali and belongs to the tropical climate zone. As a result, Padangbai is warm all year round and often quite humid. The average annual temperature in Padangbai is around 26.4 degrees, in July the temperature is generally low and in November the temperature is high. 

Therefore, Padangbai is a highly recommended tourist destination and you can stay at the beach, which will provide a wonderful experience for you.
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