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the best tourist attractions on the island of Java -

Tempat Wisata Terbaik di Pulau Jawa

The Best Tourist Attractions in Java Island - 

The island of Java has majestic volcanoes, friendly people and many historic temples. On one of the beautiful beaches in Java you can relax and refresh yourself in the blue sea. Here you can read the Best Tourist Attractions in Java Island. 

A giant temple complex in the middle of the jungle of Java, which has an almost mysterious atmosphere. Borobudur is a terraced complex about 40 meters from the 9th century. It was probably built by Sailendra, the Buddhist "lord of the mountains". However, it was only revealed after 1814, because previously it was covered in volcanic ash and forests. This temple is especially admired at sunrise or sunset, when the many temples and dams are shrouded in golden light. so don't be surprised if this borobudur is called the best tour on the island of java, of course there are many historical stories in borobudur that you can learn. 

Bromo-Tenger Nasional 

National Park On your trip in Java, you should definitely visit the most active volcano of Bromo-Tengger National Park: From a height of about 2,300 meters, Mount Bromo constantly blows beautiful white smoke into the air. You can even climb up the stairs to see the crater and can explore the crater rim on foot or on horseback. From a distance you can also enjoy a beautiful panorama of a series of magnificent volcanoes consisting of Bromo, Batok and Semeru.


Jakarta is the modern capital of Java. In addition to many skyscrapers, Jakarta also offers an old city. Kota Tua is characterized by beautiful architecture from the Dutch colonial era. Cultures from around the world have left their mark on languages, cityscapes and cuisines. Here in Jakarta you can visit the National Museum, the Sultan's Palace or the Taman Sari Water Palace.


A sight not to be missed and no less famous on a Java tour is Prambanan. This Hindu temple complex consists of eight main letters and more than 250 individual temples, the three largest temples being dedicated to the gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The UNESCO World Heritage Site was built around the year 850 and is one of the most amazing facilities in Hinduism.


Here, in a small village in Java, you can meet the islanders at eye level. You will see Javanese people in their daily work, listening to the sounds of gamelan music and talking about a different way of life. Java Reisen thrives on authentic encounters and insights into local life. Maybe you want to help bake baked goods, harvest vegetables, or help dry the vanilla and chilies.
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