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Tourist Attractions in Sumatra -

Sumatra offers a wide selection of tourist attractions that are worth visiting. Starting from cultural tourism, nature, culinary, to buildings with interesting history. Here are 5 tourist attractions in Sumatra and its surroundings that you should visit: 

1. Medan 

The capital city of Medan in Sumatra itself has many tourist attractions that must be visited. On the way to Sumatra you can see the Palace of Sultan Maimonn which is still inhabited by the Sultan to this day. The Chinese Monastery of Gunung Timur and perhaps the most beautiful mosque in Indonesia also looks impressive. Medan is a melting pot of different cultures inspired by peaceful interactions between Chinese, Malays and Bataks. Take a leisurely stroll in the colonial area, which has some Dutch architecture. 

2. Lake Toba 

Admire the natural scenery around Lake Toba, which is the largest crater lake in the world. Lake Toba was created by the eruption of the supervolcano Toba, which is considered the largest volcanic eruption in the last two million years. The resulting boiler is said to have contributed to the cooling of the climate. You can also visit the Sipisopiso waterfall, which plunges to a depth of about 120m at the end of an underground river. From the waterfall cave you can enjoy the stunning view of Lake Toba. 

3. Somosir Island 

In the middle of Lake Toba there is Somosir Island which was formed about 75,000 years ago which has a rich culture and natural beauty. This volcanic island is mostly inhabited by Batak people and has traditional longhouses in their village. You can also enjoy and experience Batak culture at a dance performance at Simanindo. The 400-year-old stone sarcophagus belonging to the Sidabutar royal family is also a sight to behold.

4. Bukit Lawang 

In Bukit Lawang you can observe wild orangutans and on the other hand you can also visit an eco-agriculture center. Eco-agriculture is committed to nature conservation and more ecological agriculture. Here you will learn more about nature-friendly techniques and can even apply them yourself. The center is mainly aimed at local farmers and school children, who must study here for the future. You can also visit the orangutan feeding grounds at the Rehabilitation Centre. With any luck, you may even see great apes in the wild. The furry, reddish to brown creature moves and searches for food from branch to branch in the forest. 

5. Berastagi

 The mountain town of Berastagi looks impressive with unique views of the Siayak and Sinabung volcanoes, which are over 2,000 m high. Apart from the beautiful natural scenery, you can experience the daily life of the locals while trying exotic Indonesian fruits at the local fruit market or witnessing the unique rituals and traditions of the Karo Batak tribe. You can find these beautiful places in Sumatra.
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