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12 Effective Ways to Improve Memory#idecara -

Effective Ways to Improve Memory

Many people say, as you get older, the sharpness of memory will decrease. If this is true, then is there a way to improve memory that we can apply from an early age?
Along with the development of an increasingly sophisticated and practical century like now, it turns out that there are more things that we need to memorize than in the past.

In the past, we only needed to remember a few numbers when calling someone's house, nowadays, a person can even have more than 2 cellphone numbers at once. In addition, in the past, we didn't need to remember bank account numbers, ATM pins, or passwords that required a minimum of 8 digits.

Although the current era is increasingly challenging for most parents in particular, but Dr. Gary Small, M.D. as head of the Memory & Aging Research Center (UCLA), assesses that "the human brain still has the capacity to remember more than it should."

You just need to find ways to improve memory that are effective, such as the following.

Even though it's only 1 word, but this is not easy because it takes full awareness to do it. But in order to avoid the embarrassment of not being able to remember someone's name (even though you still remember their profession and where they live), you must realize that names are far more important to remember than anything else. This case is of course just an example to distinguish the main and secondary things that need to be prioritized in memory.

Locking doors, turning lights on/off, unplugging irons after use – there's a reason why these little things can be done 'without thinking'. The reason, such actions are already recorded in your mind.

It is different with the act of taking scissors in the kitchen. As soon as you enter the kitchen, you may no longer remember what you wanted to do. Have you ever experienced anything like this?

If it is often, then from now on, try to say out loud what you will do to improve memory. This action can help record it into the brain so it doesn't make you forget easily.

Practice the same way when you want to remember someone's name. "Hello Anna", "nice to meet Anna", "where is your house", see you Anna", say her name as often as possible. And when Anna is no longer near you, then you can whisper again (this time, just whisper) her name to yourself "Anna..her name is Anna..".

Because the brain can only process a lot of information at a time, it uses larger patterns to remember. For example, use a phone number memorization pattern like “two three, thirty, seven eight, six six” instead of “2 3 3 0 7 8 6 6”. With the first pattern, you only need to remember 2 numbers, but the last 8 numbers at once. Which is easier?

To improve your memory, you can also associate something with something else to make it easier to remember. For someone's name, for example, "Tina the big eye", or something that rhymes like "John Jojon".

If you usually wear a watch on your left hand, then occasionally wear it on your right. When you later find it odd to find that your watch is in an unusual hand, then it can turn you on more than ever before.

You're engrossed in watching an old movie, but can't remember the name of the main actor. What do you usually do when this happens? Are you still trying hard to remember it?

If yes, then stop immediately, because anxiety will only interfere with concentration, making it more difficult for us to remember. Instead, take a deep breath and think about something pleasant. Trust me you will remember the name again later.

Different parts of the brain, different responsibilities and functions. There is a part in charge of remembering faces, there is a part that has to remember names. And others only record what happens when you meet new people.

“Sleep is the moment where all the recordings are put together. And it's sleep that makes it last long," says Gary Richardson, M.D., a senior scientist at the Sleep Disorders Center (Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit).

A healthy diet and lifestyle, of course, should not be missed as an effective way to improve memory. Some foods that can help maintain brain health include fish that are full of omega-3 acids (sardines and salmon), walnuts, berries (especially blueberries), and so on.

When stressed, you will usually be blank (can't think anything). This is because when stressed, the hormone cortisol will fill the hippocampus (the part of the brain that controls memory and learning abilities) so that it interferes with its performance.

What's even scarier is, "with age, rising cortisol levels are often the cause of memory loss and hippocampal shrinkage," said Shireen Sindi, one of the researchers at McGill University.

When the body is active, the brain is also exercising in its own way. A study involving 161 participants aged 59-81 years found that those who were active had a larger hippocampus. The bigger the hippocampus, the better the memory.

What hair color did the new barista make coffee concoctions for you? Was your husband wearing a blue tie this morning, or a red tie? While you may not need that kind of information, forcing yourself to observe and remember details can sharpen your memory.

The familiar way to improve memory is through several types of mentally challenging games, such as crossword puzzles, puzzles, memory games, learning new musical instruments, etc. This method can not only build new cognitive cells, but also keep you from senile dementia and even dementia.

So, that's a bit of the latest and most complete information about 12 Effective Ways to Improve Memory that we can share in order to expand your knowledge base, hopefully it will be useful. is a page that discusses ideas and methods in terms of technology, fashion, health, food and so on. Please see the catalog of ideas as well as other latest ways that the admin has provided, or you can view according to the categories below. Thanks.

  1. Focus
  2. Say it out loud
  3. Use pattern
  4. Give more meaning
  5. Do something unusual
  6. Stop trying too hard
  7. Get enough sleep
  8. Take care of brain health
  9. Release stress
  10. Sport
  11. Practice concentration
  12. play
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