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Gajah Mungkur Reservoir Tour while Exploring Culinary -

Waduk Gajah Mungkir sambil Jelajah Kuliner

Gajah Mungkir Reservoir Tour while Culinary Exploration - Wonogiri is the southernmost district in Solo Raya, as the headwaters of the longest river on the island of Java, Bengawan Solo, Wonogiri is also famous for its landscape in the form of a collection of small hills, better known as Gunung Sewu (Thousand Mountains). ) around the south of Wonogiri. 

In the past, the Solo area was very prone to flooding, so to reduce the potential for flash floods, finally a reservoir was built in Wonogiri by consuming an area of ​​8800 ha at the end of 1970. 

Finally the reservoir was completed in 1978, after initially having to relocate local residents living in the drowned area and being transmigrated to Sitiung, West Sumatra, the reservoir which was supposed to last up to 100 years was equipped with a hydropower plant with a power of 12.4 Megawatts successful in managing the water flow of the Solo River. 

Besides being useful for preventing flash floods, reservoir water can also be used for irrigation in 4 districts outside Wonogiri. 

One of the great benefits which is also a necessity is the use of reservoirs as a tourist attraction, the wide and watery reservoir makes its own charm for tourists, one proof is the construction of the Sendang Tourism Object. 

A tourist attraction that combines water tourism using a boat or speed boat to visit the cage in the middle of the reservoir, go on a safari to the zoo while riding an elephant, surround the tourist area with a rabbit train, and many other entertainments. If lucky, visitors can witness folk entertainment which is usually held every big day such as Eid, and others. Culinary Culinary tour of Gajah Mungkir Reservoir If you are a culinary lover, don't miss the charm of Wonogiri which is a Javanese culinary paradise, various dishes of grilled tilapia / snapper, grilled chicken, meatballs and Wonogiri chicken noodles, Thiwul, Cabuk, Pindang, Wader Goreng and many more, many food stalls are standing around reservoir that provides this dish. Go to location From Solo you can use the bus heading Solo - Pracimantoro and get off directly in front of the Sendang Tourism Object, if you use a private vehicle you can go through the Solo - Wonogiri route which is about 32 Km and Wonogiri - Sendang which is about 7 Km. Along the way you will cross beautiful hilly roads, on the other hand sometimes you will be able to see the reservoir from a height and the edge of the bridge, to enter the location an entrance fee of Rp. 4,500 including insurance.
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