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How to easily fix a laptop keyboard that doesn't work -

How to Easily Fix a Laptop Keyboard That Doesn't Work 

How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard That Doesn't Work Easily - As we know that nowadays a laptop is one item that almost everyone has. Because, by using all laptops, the work we do will feel easier and finish faster. 

But how does it feel if one of the hardware components is damaged? Of course it will make the overall performance of the device to be disturbed right? This of course will make us uncomfortable. Especially if we are being chased by work deadlines, of course this problem will hinder your work. 

In addition, it must also make you dizzy or even frustrated. Well usually one component of a laptop that is quite prone to damage is the keyboard. Starting from the keys that enter the wrong characters, do not work partially or even do not work completely. And to fix a laptop keyboard that doesn't work, of course, we have to find out first what causes it. 

How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working 

If you are also experiencing the same problem, then here are some solutions that you can try. By doing some checks, you can find out what's causing it and how to fix a broken keyboard. 

Restart Laptop 

When the keyboard on your laptop device is damaged and doesn't work properly, then it's a good idea to try restarting the laptop first. Because, restarting the laptop can restore the function of the laptop keyboard properly. 

Moreover, restarting the laptop can also be done easily. You just need to click the Start menu, then select the Restart option. Then the reboot process will run and we just have to wait for the restart process to complete. 

Turn off Num Lock 

One of the trivial things that often causes keyboard errors. Where we accidentally activate the Num Lock function. What are the consequences? Usually when this feature is active, when we press the keyboard button, the characters that appear will be different. 

This of course can make us confused because the results of typing and in accordance with what we press. But do not worry, because to overcome it is very easy. We just need to turn off the active Num Lock function. How to? Please try pressing the Fn+NumLk key then test whether the keyboard is back to normal. On some types of laptops, you can also try the CapsLk + NumLk combination to turn it off.

Thus a review on How to Fix a Laptop Keyboard That Doesn't Work Easily, hopefully it will be useful.
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