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How to Overcome HP Water Intake You Must Know -

How to Overcome HP Water Intake You Must Know 

How to Overcome HP Water Intake You Must Know - A number of electronic items will experience a short circuit or be damaged if water accidentally enters. Such carelessness is often done by some people, for example dropping the phone into a bucket or accidentally making the phone rain. When they find out that their cellphone has entered the water, some people will panic and immediately turn on their cellphone to make sure their favorite object doesn't turn off. 

Or, as many know, first aid usually comes by putting it in rice. But it turns out that this is not necessarily very effective for saving wet smartphones. Due to the panic that ensues, a person will unknowingly make things worse for a phone that has water in it. 

To prevent panic, you must know first aid on a cellphone that has been exposed to water, so you don't have to rush to take it to a cellphone repairman. Here are some ways to Overcome HP Water Intake that you must know. 

How to Overcome HP ingress of Water 

Immediately remove it from the water and turn it off 

Water can enter the components of the phone through narrow holes such as the earphone jack hole or charger. If your phone has fallen into a puddle, of course the first thing you should do is to get it out of the water as quickly as possible. 

This is to avoid the possibility of more water successfully seeping into the cellphone. If your cellphone is exposed to water, immediately remove it from the water source. And if it is exposed to water while it is charging, it is best to unplug it first and then take the cellphone to avoid the risk of electric shock. 

Don't Shake HP 

In addition to turning on a cellphone that has water in it, the cellphone must also not be shaken. As people think, shaking the cellphone can make water come out of the cellphone. In fact, this can make things worse because the water will actually spread to other components. The point is, don't move your phone too much. This action is done so that the water in the HP does not continue to move. 

Remove Battery, SIM Card And Memory Card 

The next step, immediately remove the removable components. If your cellphone is still not a type of implanted battery, you can immediately remove the battery, SIM card and memory card installed in the cellphone. This aims to prevent a further damage in these areas. Don't forget to remove the case or cover and case of the phone that is attached to help provide water "escape" and facilitate the drying process. 

Thus a review of How to Overcome HP Water Intake That You Must Know, may be useful.
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