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Popular Tourist Attractions in Malang -

wisata malang hits

Malang tourism hits
Tourist attractions in Malang that are more hits

1.Singa Merjosari Park

Singha Merjosari Park is a green open park area in the middle of the city. This place has a variety of facilities available such as a gazebo for hanging out, jogging tracks, food therapy, a fitness park with 10 fitness equipment and even sky bikes are also available.

2. Rabbit Park
The rabbit park is located in a hilly area that is quite unique and beautiful, with views of green grass and views of hundreds of cute rabbits. In this tourist location there is also a Hobbit house and is equipped with a number of unique and good photo spots.

3. Selorejo Reservoir
Selorejo Reservoir is a reservoir that is very cool and delicious to make ngadem while enjoying the view of Mount Kelud. This tourist spot is also equipped with various facilities such as flying fox, play ground, suspension bridge, fishing pond, boat and swimming pool.

4. Kalireco Baths
If you want to enjoy mountain springs from a beautiful and lush bath with an atmosphere of green trees and rice fields around it, Kalireco Baths are highly recommended to visit. However, there is a traditional rule, that only men are allowed to bathe here, for women it is not forbidden, but it is better not to bathe in this Kalireco bath.

5. Eco Green Park Malang
Designed with the concept of Green Earth, this place offers educational tours to learn science about Physics and Biology in a modern way.

6. Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) Malang
Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) Malang is a night market with many beautiful and colorful lanterns, various facilities, such as children's playgrounds and challenging rides.
There is also a Haunted House, Trampoline, Slalom Test Sky Bike, Lantern Garden, to Kidz Zone and Drag Race.

7. Malang Night Paradise
Malang Night Paradise is located in the Graha Kencana residential area, Jalan Balearjosari, Malang City, East Java. One of the tours that is under the auspices of the Hawaii Group Malang, and provides 3 rides, namely a dinosaur park, a lantern park, and a game ride, visitors can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere on these rides, of course offering different entertainment.

One of the attractions that quite hits for visitors is an artificial river with a length of 500 meters with 9 different themes and can be enjoyed by boat.
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