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Sukuh Temple on the Slope of Mount Lawu -

Candi Sukuh

Sukuh Temple on the slopes of Mount Lawu - Not only Yogya which is rich in temples, Solo Raya also has a temple, one of the interesting temples to visit is Sukuh Temple, this temple is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu which has cool air, precisely in Hamlet Berjo, Desa Sukuh, Ngargoyoso sub-district, Karanganyar regency, Central Java.

In addition to the unique temple, the area around the temple is very beautiful, the expanse of the valley on the west side of the temple makes its own sensation when you sit on some rocks on the outskirts of the temple.

To get to the location of this temple is not easy. From Tirtonadi Terminal in Solo, you can take a public bus bound for Solo-Tawangmangu and get off at Karang Pandan, followed by a minibus bound for Kemuning and connected by a motorcycle taxi to the temple area.

If using a car, make sure the car engine has an engine capacity of more than 2000 cc, because the road to the temple is filled with inclines that sometimes tend to be steep.

Sukuh Temple is famous for its reliefs and statues that give an erotic impression, this title is quite reasonable, because visitors can see reliefs without clothes, reliefs known as Linga and Yoni, which are depictions of the Penis and Vagina, which are the genitals on man.

Previously there was a statue in the form of a headless man masturbating, but at the time of writing this statue has not been found.

In addition to erotic things, this temple is also famous for its shape which resembles the Mayan Pyramid in Central America, its shape is a kind of trapezoid and is in the form of stone steps.

This temple has a different shape from most temples in Java. It is divided into 3 temple terraces, the first terrace has a trumpet which in Javanese reads Gapura Blind Abara Wong. In Indonesian it means "The giant gate preys on humans".

These words have meanings 9, 5, 3, and 1. If you reverse it, you get the year 1359 Saka or 1437 AD, then on the second terrace you can see the gate on the second terrace has been damaged, in this gate there are not many statues , but at this gate there is also a candrasangkala in Javanese which reads elephant wiku anahut tail.

Its meaning in Indonesian is "Elephant priest biting tail". These words have meanings 8, 7, 3, and 1. If you turn it over, you get the year 1378 Saka or 1456 AD. Furthermore, on the third terrace there is a large courtyard with the main temple and some reliefs on the left and statues on the right. . If the visitors want to visit this sacred main temple, then the stone steps which are relatively higher than the previous stone steps must be passed. In addition, the hallway is also narrow.


It is said that the existence of the reliefs on this temple was also intended to test the virginity of a woman. According to local people's stories, if you step over the relief, the woman's belly button will sag, a sign that she is no longer a virgin. Meanwhile, if the woman's belly button is firmly attached to the body, it is a sign that she is still a girl.
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