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Here's How To Easily Take Care Of Computers And Laptops -

Here's How to Take Care of Computers and Laptops Easily 

- Using a computer regularly every day will require awareness that you need to take care of your computer so that it is durable and not easily damaged. Maybe all this time you know how to take care of a good computer but not optimal. 

Caring for a computer is not just taking care of the hardware, such as maintaining the machine, caring for the motherboard, LCD, and keyboard, but also paying attention to how to take care of the software or software on the computer itself. 

To find out more about how to take care of a computer properly and correctly, in terms of software and hardware, here are the procedures for Caring for Computers and Laptops as well as some easy tips: Clean Computer Cpu If you want your computer to last longer, clean your PC regularly, optimally within 6 months. very. Because if your CPU is not cleaned then the dirt and dust in the CPU will accumulate and will cause temperature damage or temperature on your computer. 

The step is to open the PC case and then clean the dust that sticks to the motherboard of other peripherals. Cleaning can use a soft brush (paint brush). Do this for six months on a regular basis. Don't Use the Internet During Heavy Rain Generally, internet connection has a big influence on the weather. It is feared that using the internet on a computer when it rains can cause the computer network to be struck by lightning and this will harm your computer later. 

Of course something like this is very risky. Enable System Restore Computer Enable system restore is also very influential for your computer so that it is not easily damaged. The trick is right-clicking on the my desktop computer icon, then clicking the System Restore Properties tab. 

Look for the words Turn Off System Restore On All Drives, then remove the check mark to the left of the text. Turn off the computer according to the provisions Never shut down the computer in an unusual way, such as unplugging the computer immediately. Shut down the computer periodically by using shutdown. Use a stavolt to avoid sudden power outages. 

Or if you use the computer for too long, restart it first, so that the entire computer system returns to normal. Generally, if used for too long, the computer system will weaken. 

Thus a review of this is the procedure for taking care of computers and laptops with ease, hopefully it will be useful.
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