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How to Restore Deleted Photos on Cellphones Without an Application -

How to Restore Deleted Photos on Cellphones Without an Application - Photos are a place for many people to capture the precious moments they experience. Not only moments, some also save their work data in the form of photos. Not infrequently, some unfortunate events can happen to someone who saves photos on his personal cellphone. 

The most common occurrence is accidentally deleted photos. This of course will cause its own problems, especially if the photo contains something quite important. However, now you don't have to worry anymore if you experience this situation. we will share how to restore deleted photos on cellphones without an application very easily? First, please open the Gallery on your cellphone. After that, click the three dots in the upper right corner and select Trash. Next, please select the photos you want to restore. 

If so, click Restore. Done. This method is quite easy because it does not require any application. Unfortunately, Android only gives you 15 days, after which the photos will be permanently deleted. How To Recover Deleted Photos On Android Phone On Android phones you can restore deleted photos in 2 ways, namely by using an application and without an application. For those who do not have the application, unfortunately it is only available on certain types of phones from certain brands. 

For those of you who panic because the photos in the phone's internal memory are deleted, don't worry, because these two methods can restore deleted photos on the Android phone's internal memory and also on Micro SD or external memory. 

How to Recover Deleted Files Without Application You are also a way to restore deleted photo files on Android phones without the help of apps. The trick is to use the File Manager available on your phone. The latest Android phones usually have a File Manager that offers a Trash feature in it. This feature has a similar function to the Recycle Bin on a Windows-based laptop or PC. 

The way it works is the same, your files that are accidentally deleted usually won't be lost permanently, but go to the Trash. You can restore it by pressing the Restore button. That's a review of How to Restore Deleted Photos on Hp Without an Application, hopefully it will be useful.
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