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How to Troubleshoot USB Device Not Recognized -

How to Solve the USB Device Not Recognized Problem - In this post I will share a tutorial on how to solve the USB Device Not Recognized problem experienced by computer/laptop users when trying to connect USB media to the port. Usually if this notification appears it means the device failed to connect

For example, when you plug in a USB stick that contains important data, but the USB Device Not Recognized notification appears, you cannot access the contents of the flash drive but only insert an empty partition. Of course this makes ordinary computer users feel panicked.

But you don't need to worry because there are so many roads that lead to Zimbabwe, problems like this are very easy to solve through simple tricks. Before you decide to replace the USB port because it is considered damaged, it's a good idea to try some of the troubleshooting solutions I discussed in this post.

How to Troubleshoot USB Device Not Recognized

This problem occurs to Windows computer/laptop users in almost all corners of the world, including you and me. You can try the following method on all versions of Windows starting from 7, 8, 8.1 to the latest version, namely Windows 10. Please try the alternative method I mentioned below.

Unplug Then Reinstall Usb Media

When plugging in USB media for the first time a warning notification appears USB Device Not Recognized? Don't panic, please unplug the USB media and then plug it back in. I guarantee 65% your problem will be solved. Even if it sounds trivial and unreasonable.

Surely you've also done it either in the computer lab, school / college or at home. Usually when we use a public computer, we like it carelessly, such as unplugging the USB without a removable safe, or removing and then plugging the USB back in because a notification appears on the task bar about USB Device Not Recognized

Try Another Port

One of the causes behind the emergence of this USB Device Not Recognized warning is the factor of a loose USB port, previously using other media but being removed without going through the eject process so that it is still detected connected, temporary errors and so on.

To find out if the damage is on your media port or usb plug, try plugging it into the port next to it. If you are using a CPU, you can try the USB port on the back. Or you can also try an external port, available at a computer store near where you live.

Thus a review of How to Solve the Problem of USB Device Not Recognized, may be useful.
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