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All will be sold in time.. -

If we flashback to last year this month, everything is still running as usual. Salary is still intact, even waiting for the entry of the year-end bonus. You can still hang out here and there, shop, change your cellphone and live like a sultan without any burden. But once March, Jedeeerrr.. 

When the first corona patient was announced in Indonesia, everything was immediately tightened and this resulted in free-falling economic activities. Pay cuts, reductions in working hours, delays in THR and even unilateral termination of employment contracts have occurred en masse. This condition causes a drastic increase, even in 2021 it is estimated that it could reach 12.7 million people. Not a small number..

Then what is the recent phenomenon behind this chaotic condition? .

The emergence of many impromptu traders. Yes Social media is now turning into an online convenience store. Search there anything. Whatever. Starting from basic needs to tertiary needs there are. This situation makes many people choose to sell in order to still have an income. Moreover, the installments and living costs must still be met.

Especially for those of you who are currently also impromptu traders, try to remember when you used to feel annoyed if you were often sent broadcasts selling sales to people you don't know or your own friends?...

Have you ever felt annoying with a friend whose social media only posts sales?.. 

And now we are in that position, happy when uploading sales on social media, our posts are liked, especially when someone comments asking for prices. It turns out that people who sell as simple as that are happy. This pandemic has completely changed everything. But will this impromptu trading trend last long? Quoting the statement of the Professor of Social and Political Sciences in one of the online media said "this trend may not last long, because this is one way to prolong the breath and most importantly get cash to use in daily needs. These people think that the important thing is to have temporary hangers that are realistic and flexible. Besides that, it doesn't last long, if it's not carefully prepared, many people will go out of business because more and more people are selling to grow natural selection. But if this situation will continue for a long time, and layoffs continue to occur, it is not impossible that more and more people are choosing to sell in order to survive. So there's nothing wrong from now on to start finding out what products you think will have the potential to sell well in the market at a time like this.

Move quickly because CAN BE. Everything will sell in time..
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