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how to restore deleted android default apps -

how to restore deleted android default apps 

How to Restore Deleted Default Applications - The number of android applications available on the google play store coupled with updates or application updates that increase the quality and size of the Android Smartphone's internal storage memory to be full. to slightly lighten the load on the internal memory storage usually by deleting some applications. 

But sometimes it becomes a problem when you intend to delete an android application, even though accidentally or unconsciously it turns out that there are some default android applications that have been deleted such as Google Maps or Latitude, Document Viewer, Google-GTalk, Google Plus or others. Usually the deletion of the default application is realized when using it. So how do you restore deleted default apps? The first step, download DiskDigger Pro in the google play store application. Once downloaded, then install as usual. Then open the DiskDigger Pro application and select one of the storages where the application is located, whether on internal or external memory. The next step is to choose a storage location and choose the file format we want to find. Next Scanning, the length of the scanning process depends on the selected format, the more formats you are looking for, of course the scanning process will take longer. 

If you have found it, put a check mark then select "Save local" and choose a place to restore the files in memory. How To Use Diskdigger App On Android Install App First, please enter the google play store application and look for the DiskDigger application, then download it immediately. You just need to wait until the application is finished installing and the application will be automatically installed on your Android phone. Root Access Once the app is installed, it usually asks for root access and you just have to allow it. 

Next, all you have to do is find a folder in your internal or external memory that contains the various files you want to recover. Then you just choose the format and click ok. Scan Process The application will automatically start scanning for various deleted files on your Android phone, then you just have to select the files you want to recover and please click save. That way, the scan process has been successfully carried out. Thus a review of How to Restore Deleted Default Applications may be useful.
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