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Best and Trusted Job Seeker Application Recommendations idecara -

Best and Trusted Job Seeker Application Recommendations 

Looking for a job nowadays can be done easily by using a job search application that is accessed online. 

Of course, this makes it easier for job seekers because they no longer need to spend a lot of time, effort and money looking for work.

There are some of the best job search applications that you can use that are guaranteed to be credible. This application is quite popular among job seekers, including JobStreet, LinkedIn, and many more. Applications can recommend the best types of jobs and companies based on the applicant's experience, abilities, and interests. 

7 Best Job Seeker Application Recommendations 

Here's a list of the best job search applications that you can use to find your dream job:

1. JobStreet 

JobStreet is an application-based provider of job vacancy information that is widely used by Indonesians. This Malaysian company does not only provide information on job vacancies in Indonesia. The scope of this job seeker application covers several Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. 

This application makes it very easy for job seekers, because in the application there are at least 230 thousand job vacancies offered. In addition, the JobStreet application also has a mobile notification feature that will notify users about the latest vacancies every day.

2. JobsDB 

Similar to JobStreet, JobsDB is an application that provides job vacancies that are still one parent with JobStreet. JobsDB was first founded in 1998, a year after JobStreet was founded. 

The difference between JobsDB and JobStreet is that JobsDB's operational area is much wider, covering all of Asia. The JobsDB application has been downloaded and used by more than 1 million users in Asia. And there are around 120 thousand job vacancies offered through the JobsDB application.

3. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is one of the world's largest professional portals with more than 690 million users from various countries. This portal was first established in 2002 in the United States. Most of these companies have LinkedIn accounts and use them to recruit potential employees. 

Like a life portfolio, LinkedIn is essential for working professionals. Because through the LinkedIn job seeker application, a company can easily find out the professional data of an applicant. 

For that, you have to complete your LinkedIn profile and make it as attractive as possible if you want to be noticed by employers.

4. Career Karir is a job search

application that was first recognized on the website. This portal was developed by PT Karir Komunika Pratama whose location is in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. is one of the first job seeker portals in Indonesia which was founded in 1999. And until now the Karir application has been trusted by more than 5 million job seekers in Indonesia. 

The Career application has an interesting feature in the form of a self-development test service which can be accessed free of charge. 

The test includes an English test, an interest test, and also a style test in communicating. At least with this feature, workers can easily assess and know the extent of their qualifications to be evaluated for future self-development.

5. Shiny 

Glints is a job search platform from Singapore. Apart from providing information on job vacancies, Glints also provides information on apprenticeships which are very suitable for new graduates who don't have work experience. 

In the Glints application, there are features for consulting service providers and career development recommendations via live-chat that can help you find the best job. 

Not only that, Glints is also equipped with services to explore various career fields and special skills training to improve the abilities of its users.

6. Career High 

TopKarir is a career portal aimed at young people in Indonesia. Reporting from the official website, the Topkarir application offers various types of choices for its users' career development. 

In addition to information about the jobs offered, there is also information on apprenticeships, educational scholarships, training and certification as well as information related to entrepreneurship contained in the TopKarir portal.

7. Calibr 

The recommendation for this related job seeker application is Kalibrr which is a platform used by companies to recruit new employees. This Filipino company has been operating in Indonesia since 2016 and currently has more than 500 thousand users. 

Several large companies from Indonesia, such as Gojek, Bukalapak, BCA, and others, use Kalibrr as a medium for recruiting new employees. 

This job search app can recommend you about the best jobs and companies based on your abilities, interests and experience. 

Not only that, Kalibrr has excellent features such as giving talent development tests that are given by score values. 

Those are 7 job search applications that can help you find the best job according to your interests and abilities. 

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