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How to Overcome WhatsApp Error on Android and iPhone

Users may often experience problems with the WhatsApp application error. 

Usually the cause of this WhatsApp error can be varied, ranging from failing to send messages to the WhatsApp application not being able to open. 

However, if you experience something like this, there is no need to panic. 
Because we have summarized several ways to deal with WhatsApp errors on your Android and iPhone, see below: 

7 Ways to Overcome WhatsApp Errors 

1. Close and reopen the app 

When your WhatsApp has an error, the first way to deal with the WhatsApp error that you can do is to close and reopen the WhatsApp application. Even though it sounds trivial, this method can help overcome errors and restore them. 

2. Reboot or restart the cellphone

Rebooting or restarting this cellphone can be one way to deal with WhatsApp errors on your Android and iPhone. This method can help refresh your cellphone's operating system. 

When the reboot or restart process, your cellphone will reload the entire system. All temporary files or junk files that are not used will be deleted, so that when your Android or iPhone is turned on again, the system will work lighter and there will be no more errors.

3. Uninstall and Reinstall WhatsApp

Reinstalling WhatsApp can be one of the solutions to overcome various error problems on your Android or iPhone cellphone application. The trick, you only need to delete or uninstall the WhatsApp application. 

Next, open the Playstore application and download the WhatsApp application again. Removing and reinstalling the WhatsApp application certainly helps your Android or iPhone cellphone to clear cache, RAM, and restore the system to its initial settings, as well as update WhatsApp to the most recent version. 

Before doing so, we recommend that you back up your data before reinstalling, especially if there is important data on WhatsApp. 

4. Check the internet connection

WhatsApp that is experiencing errors, for example, such as not being able to send or receive chats can also be affected by a bad or unstable internet signal. 

To test the problematic internet connection, you can try to open another application or browse. If nothing opens successfully, then it is certain that the problem might be with the internet connection.

5. Clear cache 

The next way to deal with WhatsApp errors is to clear the cache. Cache is a temporary storage area for data that is likely to be used by the user. It's just that the cache that is allowed to accumulate can make your WhatsApp application slow or even become an error. 

You can clear cache to free up a little storage space on your Android phone and iPhone. Clear cache can also help you fix problems with applications, such as loading failures and so on. 

To do this, open the settings on your cellphone > select Apps > click Manage Apps > search for the WhatsApp application > select clear cache. You can also choose clear data so that the storage space is more spacious. 

6. Make sure the application is updated 

The WhatsApp application needs to be updated regularly to add features and overcome bugs that often cause WhatsApp errors. 

Check the WhatsApp application on your cellphone, if there is an update request, then immediately update to the latest version. After that, operate your WhatsApp as usual. 

7. Check WhatsApp is down or not 

The last way to deal with the WhatsApp error could be because the server is down so you can't open or run the application. 

The way to determine whether WhatsApp is an error because it is down is to try opening another application. 

If everything is working normally, WhatsApp itself is probably the problem. 

Apart from that, you can also use the Down Detector tool to detect whether the WhatsApp service is down or not. 

If indeed WhatsApp is down, then you can only wait until the server recovers. 
Those are some ways to deal with whatsapp errors that you can find out and do. Hope it's useful. 

How to Overcome WhatsApp Errors

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